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N'nTluB is V^ri'foy given Lo all concerned that eonspnuenl oil <i
IKirLibiD'i VI.LVIUE been nffd'^cyl amongst memhprH nf the Hindu nni'i-
viilnl f.imilv ^n/HHtins of iSaivsri RuiinvRliwar Dayal, iSw^'-oopNiira-
i-an, Shy.'in Wjiav<in, Ka.iUsh Nnrsun and Shno Naiain (mionor),
mi .1 uui.i.T :)! I'V'-I, ia 1,'ir- hiMiiiBhs styled aq Me«iN. Kampsh
So'ifi vVor'ci3 ISI/til L>r U niMoLaL Kanpur and Messrs- S. ^T Hru-
tlnm, 0 iya Pi .ITU' M ™ot, Knnpur. the I. us mesa gLvlerl M Mes,qi>.
Rarii'i'. i iSho.ip Woi'kh is now bein^ oa-r'iedon by Sri Rdraefahwai
Dotf il A'j.Tiv.'Lil. in hm mJivithinl (j,ip.vih ,is the Hole proprietor,>1 Llu< Ijifitit-H-, stN Irrl as IMetara. ti. X. firotlvis, Gava Piasarl
Sterne, [Caii[jur, is Itomg carvind on m partnorhhip with effect from
Fehruary 1. Itirr". with the following purtnerri .

(1) Sxvn,rnop Nnrnyan Agaixval.
fj)  Niirnui Bansal,
(3) Shoo Narnm Agural (minor).

[21-5-'55-]                        ________________________________


NOTICE ifl hereby given under section 53 of the Kanpur Urban
Area Devolopmont Act, 1945, (U. P. Act no. VI of 194,1), that the
Kanpur Development Board has framed Nuwabgunj Area Defer-
red Strent-cuw-General Schemo no. 54. The boundaries of the
i are as under :

" The area situated within the Schemo boundary comprises
of Chnk nog. 1 and 2 in full lying on both sides of the existing
Nawnbganj main road."

Plan of the Schema and statements of the land and houses pro-
posed to be acquired can be seen on any working day during office
hours at the Development Board Office.

Any obj'ection to the Scheme and proposed acquisition can be
Sled at the Board's Office within sixty days of the date of the notice.

Executive Officer.
[14 & 2l-.1-'.-55.1

NOTICE is hereby given under section 53 of the Kanpur Urban
Area Development Act, 1945 (U.P. Act no. VI of 1945), that the Board
has proposed to acquire additional houses noa. 89/1, 89/150, to
H9/190 and 79/24, to 79/26 and 79/106, 79/107 in connection with
Peeli Bagh Dalelpurwa Suhome no. XX, which was sanctioned by
GovernemBiit vide G- O. no. 4006-II/XI—52-I.T., dated February
S, 1932.

Plan of the Scheme and statement of the houses proposed to
be ticquirnd can bo seen on any working day during office hours at
fche Devulopment Board's Office.

Any objection to the Scheme and proposed acquisition can be
filed at the Board's Office wtihin sixty days of the date of the notice.

Executive Officer.

[14 &   21-B-'5B].

NOTICE i<a hereby given uii»k-r ^vtinn .13 of the Kanpur TJrltaii
Area Development Art, 104:1 CU. P APT nn VI of 194JJ, that th>-
Board hfH framed ^Zujn-C'li'iirantc Scln-nie lor Ah.ita6- nppo-itu J. K
Mills on K.ilpi R,oad and re-hou^uig Sr-liPnn- iiu. r>l The bnundanr»
of the Scheme are ag under :

"Comini-nemg from thu juriftinn nf 40' ro.iil and Kal]>i
Road ,mrl guing north aloni; 40' rot-rl up to thn junction uf
40y niHin DiUflhanpurwi Roc?il, then ruitiin^ r-n»>t along 4('
m.nn Dai-ahanpurwd Ronrl up to il= junction wich 40' Bambr.
Road, then turnmy «,outL .1101.5 4(1' road UP t-j IT3 junction
with Kalpi Road then turning we«,i airing Kjlp' Eoarl up to
the junction, with 40' road tin, starting point,"

Pinna of the Scheme and statement of the hous^apropospd to >K=-
acquired may be seen on tiny wnrkmg day during" off ice hours at
the Development Boaid'a Office.

Any objection to the Scheme and propo^il acquisition r.m be
filed at the Board's Office withm sixty davs of the date of thi"

[I4&2l-j-',1!i-]                                                 Exrmtive  Officer.


THE undernoted Government Promissory Xotes originally stand-
ing in the name of Asad Mohammad Khan, the proprietor, by whom
thoy were never endorsed to any other person, having been lo^t,
notice is hereby given that the payment of the note(s) and the
interest thereupon has been stopped at the Public Debt Office,
Reserve Bank of India, Delhi, and that application is about to be
made for the issue of duplicate(s) in favour ot" the proprietor
Tho public are cautioned against purchasing or otherwise dealing
with the undornoted securities.

Name of ffie rvivtrtfief—AHAD MOHAMMAD   KHAN.

Residence—Village Mohammadpur Barwala,   district   Bui and-


	3i%   U.P. E.E. Aet Bonds.
	Ra.lOO earh.

	.    Rs. 1,000   .. -

[7, 14 & 21-5-'5o.]

Tn  the matter of the  Indian Ooritpmtiet Act
The District Salt Syndicate Ltd., Bare illy (In Liquidation]

NOTICE ia hereby given that a Special Resolution of the above
named Company was passed on 8th May, 1955, whereby it was
resolved that the District Salt Syndicate Ltd., Bareilly, be
wound up voluntarily and that Shri Ram Sabai Mai be appointed
Liquidator for the purpose of such winding Tip.


For  The District Salt Syndicate, Bareilly.


Pruifd   Wd   published   bj   tbe   Bnperinteo^nt.   Printin*

. AllHb*h»H.   TnrfU